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Services for women, including teens and children, include:

Christian counseling:

  • Dr. Carr is a Board Certified Christian counselor/ AACC (1997;) IBCC (2007.)
  • She holds a doctorate degree in counseling psychology (2012) and a master’s degree in marriage, family and child counseling (1993.)
  • Issues covered include marriage and family, self-esteem, issues stemming from sexual abuse; domestic violence, relationships, anxiety, and depression.


  • Phone calls, written correspondence on behalf of clients re: Social Security benefits, Medi-Cal, etc.
  • Dr. Carr gained eight years of experience as a family advocate; has advocated for her clients for more than two decades.

Legal document preparation:

  • Document preparation and legal assistance provided for Social Security (SSI, SSDI) court proceedings, with successful outcomes.
  • Dr. Carr has 10 years of experience as a certified litigation paralegal, with proficient organizational skills.
  • As the previous owner of Carr Paralegal Services, interviewed clients and prepared documentation for court filings.

Life coaching:

  • Service provided to women in areas of education, vocation, workplace issues, parenting, family and other relationships, etc.


  • This service provided to teens, young adults and others who need direction regarding their personal issues and future goals (e.g., desire to attend college or seeking employment.; etc.)

CPS coaching and support:

  • As a former child welfare social worker of over seven years, Dr. Carr offers valuable advisement on how to regain custody of one’s child/ children while giving hope and encouragement to mothers desiring to reconcile with their children.


  • Accessories and shoes for homeless and low-income women (and limited clothing for men) who want to enter the workforce but have no presentable attire for interviews. Clothing for children, girls (and limited clothing infants and boys.)


  • With the exception of clothing giveaways, fees are rated on a sliding scale. Monetary donations are appreciated. However:
  • Free telephone counseling during May and June for those who have lost their jobs and have no income due to the Covid- 19 pandemic.
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