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Love of My Life Ministries/ Advocacy for the Poor, Inc. is a charitable and public non- profit organization, a grass roots agency formed to help the Homeless and low income population in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, California.

The goal of this ministry is to encourage, uplift and give hope to the less fortunate who are hurting during difficult times. This agency does not provide shelter nor housing, only goods and services (blankets, clothing, referral information, advocacy and Christian counseling.) Donations have been received from both Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, through solicitations from the Founder/ Director. All goods and services are free of charge to the public consisting of all races, ethnicities and ages, including youth released from juvenile hall. This ministry does not discriminate against any persons needing assistance because of race, creed, color or reported socioeconomic background.

Why Us?

Luke 4:14- 21

God wants us to help the poor. Please, help those in need...

it could be you and me.

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